Introducing the ProtonMail New Feedback Forum

We’re excited to introduce the new ProtonMail Feedback Forum where you can give us feedback and suggestions on new features that you want to see in ProtonMail. Since the beginning, we have built ProtonMail with usability as our main goal, and we’ve worked hard to make sure that each comment and suggestion is a part of our development process. Now you can vote, comment and post new ideas for ProtonMail to develop in the future through the Feedback Forum.  (more…)

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ProtonMail has raised $2M USD to protect online privacy

We’re happy to announce that ProtonMail has secured a financing round of $2M USD from Charles River Ventures (CRV) and the Fondation Genevoise pour l’Innovation Technologique (FONGIT). In our first fundraising last summer, we received over $550,000 in donations from over 10,000 supporters, and in the process set a new record for software technology crowdfunding. That critical early funding allowed us to go from a software project started in the CERN cafeteria to a fully functioning encrypted email service, supporting hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

This additional funding will allow us to accelerate our growth and get us closer to providing online privacy for everyone. We will be growing our team, and more importantly, speeding up the pace of development in the coming months. Privacy is important, and it is a race against time to build secure solutions like ProtonMail – before it is too late and privacy disappears entirely. (more…)

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Introducing The New ProtonMail Homepage

With the release of ProtonMail BETA v1.14, our homepage gained a completely a new, fresh look. As with everything we do, the new design was largely driven by user feedback. Back in the Fall of 2014, we presented two designs to our Visionary and Lifetime crowdfunding supporters to get their feedback on the homepage design. The design they selected was one that was made by Synova Solutions and subsequently offered to ProtonMail free of charge.

The resulting new design was a collaborative project between the ProtonMail team and Synova Solutions’ Swiss and Vietnam based design teams that truly reflects the international nature of the ProtonMail project. Together, we took into consideration all comments which were submitted by our Visionary and Lifetime supporters. One of the most requested features was a way to login directly from the homepage – so we integrated the login form within the top of our homepage itself. Now, logging into ProtonMail is one less click away. (more…)

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ProtonMail at TED Global

We have some great news to share. Several months ago, we were asked to come to TED Global to give a talk about privacy – and today the video is finally getting published! It was a great opportunity for our co-founder Andy Yen to talk about why privacy matters and showcase the end-to-end encryption technology we use in ProtonMail to protect your data.

Click here to watch the full video of Andy’s TED talk: (more…)

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ProtonMail Upgrades SSL Certificates

Last week, we underwent the process of fortifying our SSL certificates. As part of our effort to provide the highest level of security and privacy to our users, we have upgraded every single certificate that we use.

The new SSL certificates have several marked improvements over the previous ones.

  • All certificates now use the highest strength 4096-bit RSA
  • now uses an Extended Validation certificate
  • All certificates are now hashed using the stronger SHA256 algorithm


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ProtonMail BETA v1.13 Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of ProtonMail v1.13. As usual, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in if you encounter any problems.

New Features

  • Use native crypto.api functionality in browsers that support it.
  • Drag and drop attachments now allows for faster uploading of attachments and support for multiple attachments.
  • Drag and drop added for importing contacts
  • Added spam and anti-virus filtering.
  • We now support sending of plain-text emails along with HTML emails in our outgoing messages
  • Added the ability to embed images in emails
  • Rebased CSS files to SCSS for future custom theming with community themes
  • It is now possible to receive emails sent to
  • New layout for mobile
  • The current folder is now highlighted in the sidebar when viewing a message


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ProtonMail selected as 2015 SXSW Accelerator Competition Finalist


We are happy to announce that ProtonMail has been selected as a finalists in the Innovative World Technologies category for the 2015 SXSW Accelerator competition, the marquee event of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival’s Startup Village, where leading startups from around the world showcase some of the most impressive new technology innovations to a panel of judges and a live audience. More than five hundred companies submitted to present at SXSW Accelerator, and we’re happy to be among the 48 finalists selected in six different categories.

The two-day event will be held the first weekend of SXSW Interactive, Saturday, March 14 through Sunday, March 15, in Austin, Texas. We’re excited by this opportunity to present ProtonMail’s innovative technology to an American audience. Today, users from the US make up a rapidly growing part of the ProtonMail userbase and it is always amazing to see so many people who share our vision of protecting civil liberties and enhancing internet security and privacy. (more…)

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